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About Sam

Sam Loman (1983) studied Illustration at the academy of arts in Rotterdam the Netherlands and received her Bachelor of Design in January 2005. A year before her graduation she started her own design business. First as an illustrator but soon she extended her creative skills with graphic design, photography, product design and writing children and non-fiction books. To develop these skills even more she decided to attend the university of Hertfordshire UK to study art & design and in Augustus 2011 she graduated and received her Master of arts with distinction.

Sam’s almost inexhaustible interest for many subjects like medicine, fashion, art & design and food makes her work very diverse and interesting. Her goal is to create images that have that one special, magical touch which can create people's awareness of the beautiful things around us. There a so many things that can give us joy, a smile on our face, things that amazes us: you just need to see them.

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Sam is a member of BNO, Association of Dutch Designers


Publishers: Artemis, Bekadidact, Callenbach, Columbus, De Giraf, Dutch media, Fontaine and Noƫ, Karakter uitgevers, Kluitman, Leopold/Ploegsma, Malmberg, Moon uitgevers, Mouria, Noordhoff, Pimento, Sanoma, The house of books, Unieboek, Youbooks, Zirkoon/Baeckens books, Zwijsen

Magazines: Bobo, Celebrity, Eva, Frontline magazine; The Chartered society of Physiotherapy, Kinderen, Maan Roos Vis, Meiden magazine, PGGM, Roetsj, Rompompom, Tina, Yes

Other: Biri publications, Context cards, Identity games, Interstat, Kaartje2go, Kijkmijne, Koning kaart, Little company, Mimex, Mim-pi, Nederlandse brandwonden stichting, New Edition, Stationery team, Van Dyck bed & bath